George Ellis Bio

George Ellis Bio

In Memoriam

George Nicholas Ellis, aka Nick Ellis: dancer, producer, choreographer, and conceptualist of Ellis and Gayle; a sensational world class dance act popular in the 1960’s.

“I wanted to take the audience through a full range of emotions by visiting some of the most inspiring decades beginning with the roaring twenties and ending with the psychedelic sixties.”

George’s appreciation of dance began while watching his father perform traditional Greek dances at family gatherings.

After graduating college George began teaching ballroom dance at Arthur Murray, and eventually owned his own successful dance studios including a 10,000 foot ballroom he built at Cedar and Lee in Cleveland Heights. He increased his focus on performing, formulating the ideas that led to the creation of Ellis and Gayle, sold the ballroom when the act took off, and moved to NYC.

Early life:
Born George Nicholas Jouriles in Cleveland Ohio to Greek immigrants, George served in the Marine Corp after which he attended Ohio state university where he played football and clarinet, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.


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